Happy Monday

Hi Everyone,


Sorry havent been blogging, been super busy bringing Cholestero-Low to the market, which is a cholesterol lowering heart supplement.

What I’m really delighted about and proud of, is that peoples cholesterol levels have been coming down between 10-16% after one month on Cholestero-Low !!


McCauleys Health and Beauty Pharmacies, Matt Murphys Pharmacy Macroom, Colms Life Pharmacy Sathill, Life Pharmacy Buttevent and Macroom all stock Cholestero-Low which I’m delighted about.


One of my new years resolutions, was to get into my old jeans. I managed that back in July. BUT then I had a bit of an accident, where I got squashed between one of these horses and a gate and cracked a few ribs and hurt my shoulder when I was doing a photo shoot for Cholestero-Low. So, as I could’nt really do any exercise for nearly 2 months, I gained some weight. BUT its coming off again, so back on track to get into the jeans 2.0 !

The funny (or cruel) thing was, was that I WEARING MY OLD NEWLY FITTED INTO JEANS  AT THE PHOTO SHOOT !!




I made some videos about my story and why I wanted to develop a supplement that had an actual purpose. You can check them out here if you’d like on YouTube




The first season of Heart Hacks just finished and series 2 will be starting in January where I will be in the kitchen, doing some easy heart healthy dishes. Heart Hacks is about how to use your diet to have a healthy heart and achieve longevity in your life.


I will get back to writing blogs really soon !

If there’s anything you would like me to research, let me know and I’ll dig deep into the evidence ! 

Just wanted to let you all know, if are interested in checking out Cholestero-Low, there is 25% off Cholestero-Low today, use the code CYBERMONDAY at checkout !


Have a Healthy December, and I’ll update you all again soon, and have some new and interesting blogs !



Dr Cx

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