Day 2 Intermittent Fast and a JAMA study.

So JAMA is the Journal of the American Medical Association and it is a very well known and regarded medical journal.

Study 2

A study published in 2017 looked at two groups of metabolically healthy obese adults.

One group were calorie restricted every day and another group were calorie restricted every second day.

The average weight loss in the alternate day fasting was the same as the average weight loss in the daily restricted calorie diet.

And the conclusion of the study was ” alternate day fasting did not produce superior adherence, weight loss, weight maintenance or cardio-protection.

“A sentence of interest to me on page 936 is …” still possible that a certain segment of individuals may prefer this pattern of energy restriction instead of daily restriction…’


Therefore my interpretation is that it is no better and no worse and depends on preference and ability. They suggest that behavioural traits may make alternate day fasting more tolerable for some people than others.


As for me, I am day 3 of intermittent fasting, but Day 2 of actual fasting. ( water fast – no food)

I’m not as hungry as I was the first day- so I feel I am adapting. I do have to remember to drink more water than I usually do !

I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow and go from there! In other news submitted my masters thesis today.





  1. Muireann

    Interested to see how you find it. And congratulations on a major milestone achievement getting the thesis in!! 👏👏

    1. Post

      Thank you Muireann ! Yes the diet is interesting and I’m looking forward to sharing my own results as well as the ones from research articles. thanks for reading :-))

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