Emerging Infectious Disease


So Coronavirus.

The bottom line is to avoid spread.

So I actively communicate this to people at work- Lets keep a healthy distance between each other etc. I exaggerate my hand washing more than usual.

The issue is that the virus is in the community and many people are well with it, and so spread is difficult to identify until someone becomes unwell and then contact tracing occurs via Public Health, GPs, HSE etc.

Read and spread the photo at the top of this post, its basic but solid advise for most of the general public.

I know its easy to say Dont panic, but if everyone just took a few pragmatic steps, it will help us all going forward. This will pass and we all need to help each other prevent spread, stay healthy physically and mentally and look forward to the near future.


I have uploaded a PDF of an essay I did during public health on an”Emerging Infectious Disease”. I chose MERS, which didnt affect us over here in Europe, mainly Saudi Arabia and South Korea. It gives an idea of where these viruses come from and how they spread. I think I got a B in it, so its not perfect but feel free to have a read.

A few basic facts about these emerging infectious diseases such as SARS/MERS/COVID19.

Human coronaviruses (HCoVs) have long been considered inconsequential pathogens, causing the “common cold” in otherwise healthy people. However the viral causing COVID 19 is a Novel or new coronavirus and is has led to an Emerging Infectious Disease.

  • Emerging disease can be defined as diseases that are recognised in the human for the first time.
  • Novel Coronavirus is a new strain that has previously not been identified in humans.

Who ?

  •  COVID 19 (Disease name), or Coronavirus Disease.

What ?

Cause by Severe Acute Respiratory Coronavirus – 2 ( name of virus).

They are zoonotic viruses therfore they are spread from animals to humans.

The exact mode of transmission from animal to human is not known.

Things to do when bored at home
  • read
  • daydream
  • do a list of places you would like to visit when this has passed
  • write out your dream job/vacation
  • learn to bake
  • digital detox

Today, I’m off duty so I went for walk with a friend on the beach (loads of open space), we walked about 2 metres apart, shes a nurse so we are both conscious of interacting with others given the hazards of the job. I plan to read this book over the coming weeks, its 900 pages and I’ve been putting it off and now seems as good a time as any to invest time in it !

Will post again soon,

Stay well, stay safe


Dr Cx






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