Final Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting.

Evidence from research studies indicates that

  • weight loss from intermittent fasting overall is equivalent to regular diets : not better but not worse.
  • adherence to this form of dieting seems to be more appealing to some than others, possibly due to certain behavioural traits.


Things to keep in mind 

You need to drink more water than usual, on the fasting days in particular, as there is an increased risk of dehydration.

And if you dont you might feel like this !


Bowel motions slow up for sure, therefore try to counter that on non fasting days 🙂

Long term I can imagine fasting intermittently, maybe once a week or so as a form of ‘maintenance’ or to stop a spiral of weight gain.


I lost about 1 kg per fast day.

At last check I was down just under 5 kg from when I started.

Hunger seemed to fade into the background and I found distraction was more of an issue.

I found my senses were altered/ intensified, for e.g smell, taste and hearing were more noticeable to me.

On fast days I had less desire to speak (energy expenditure!) but much happier to listen.

On the days of non fasting, my energy felt subjectively improved and I think my mood was brighter overall.

I felt a great satisfaction going to bed on fast days.

One because I was naturally very tired but also there was a sense of achievement and clarity.

Also  I COULD NOT WAIT to get up for breakfast in the morning !!

Like Christmas Eve as a child 🙂



Moving on from intermittent fasting to the mind…..

I’m going to turn my attention to mindfulness or meditation for the next few weeks and I’m going to call it the meditation sessions. 

The meditation sessions will discuss research or evidence relating to meditation or mindfulness and my own personal experience of meditation as well as people, places, and books to look out for.

As with the intermittent fasting I am going to practice what I preach and partake in mindfulness on a daily business.

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Dr. C x



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