How to Fast Intermittently

Fast day 4 of 8 :-))

Weigh day tomorrow!

How to do intermittent fasting ….

Options include:

  • Consuming between 500-800 calories for two consecutive days per week. (Normal diet in between) The 5:2 Diet.
  • Complete Fast every second day (Normal diet in between)
  • Time restricted feeding. Restricting food intake to a 6-8 hour window every day. So eating only between 12 noon and 7 pm for example.

One of the bodies responses is lower circulating levels of insulin.

Taken from this article from Ageing Research Reviews

Lower circulating levels of insulin mean less fat synthesis. (One of insulins functions is to convert the food we eat to fat, therefore too much food = too much fat)

If you want to read more a comprehensive article on the effects of intermittent fasting on animals and humans in relation to weight loss, chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer etc here is the link.


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  1. Muireann Ryan

    Wow this is really fascinating. Definitely something I could discuss with people. Seems to be a lot of research behind it. Will be interested to see how you get on! And how you’re finding it mentally !

    1. Post

      Thanks Muireann .. yes its an interesting one alright.. and its free so no new books or special ingredients required!

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