Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent Fasting

Latest Fad Diet ?? Or Game Changer ??

I have decided to take on the challenge (both from research perspective and a personal challenge) of alternative day fasting for the following reasons

1: I want to see if there is a real evidence base to intermittent fasting

2: After a doing a masters, breaking a foot etc, being told to give up running , it has made weight loss more difficult for me.  I am going to put my game face on and be human guinea pig on so I will be speaking from someone doing as well as providing the evidence for and against.

3: I’ve been asked to blog about intermittent fasting.

4: I like a challenge !


So my plan is, starting tomorrow, fast every second day and I will use instgram story to detail the struggles/ pain/success/failures etc as I go-

I will post the the relevant medical literature here on the blog so sign up for free below if you want that info direct to your inbox.

Join in the convo in the comments section or post any questions and I’ll answer them!


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