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What’s is the story with Vitamin D ?!


The following video is my blog post on Vitamin D !


Just a few words of wisdom about the post:

  1. This is a general overview of Vitamin D.
  2. There is research looking at Vitamin D in relation to a huge amount of illnesses. I put the most cited research in the post. i.e what is written about the most in the literature and what is relevant to a northerly European country.
  3. I also did not want to cause a national Vitamin D concern crises! For example- I have mentioned that low Vitamin D is associated with conditions such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. This does not necessarily mean low Vitamin D is the absolute cause of these medical problems. It means researchers noticed that people that had certain illnesses also had low Vitamin D. It could be coincidental. Or it could be cause and effect i.e that the illness resulted in a lower Vitamin D.

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Hope you enjoy the video !


Dr. C x


If you are concerned about you Vitamin D please have a chat to your GP about it.


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