Why I practice meditation

So I’m going to share a little story about a friend .. lets call her Joan …

There was a time in her life where she was in a bad mood for about 5 years …

She was too proud to even think she could have needed a bit of help or guidance and instead just isolated herself, dealing with her problems in the most useless way – ignoring them.

There were a number of things going on in her life that she could have taken control of in order to help herself but instead she just decided she was resilient enough to deal with them, so she ignored them and let them fester and slowly wear her down. Resilience is great, but it can only take you so far.


Life as a young doctor in Ireland is tough, no matter how tough or resilient you are. And if there are other things going on, if you aren’t aware of how or when to take care of yourself , eventually you become exhausted.


The following is a list (not exhaustive!) of work/life issues that, had she had more awareness, self confidence, and more knowledge of herself, she may have dealt with these issues earlier and more effectively protected herself.


  • A series of relationships with complete eejits (literally, one after another)
  • Bullying in the workplace.
  • Burnout.
  • Loss of fitness, weight gain.


And the thing is, certainly with the first three, she was kind of embarrassed that she had found herself in these situations, but didn’t have the energy or desire to properly sort them.


After finally making her way to a GP, and just saying the words, I think I need a bit of help, it set her on a voyage of self discovery.

That journey eventually led her to meditation or mindfulness. And she did not find it easy. Its uncomfortable, its not action packed, it takes patience, and practice. And definitely she waxed and waned in her own practice.


Now though, when she practices, it gets easier and more enjoyable.


And for her, the outcomes have been, getting to know ‘herself’ the person inside, how she might react to certain things, people, things to avoid and greater awareness of other people aches and pains also.


Meditation slows things down. Its not the answer to everything, but its a good tool to have when everything is just getting a bit overwhelming – when you want everything to just stop- you can give yourself some space by trying some meditation

There are multiple apps out there, Headspace and Calm and there are many free guided meditation on Youtube- click below.


  1. youtube(lying down meditation)
  2. youtube ,


And there are numerous Joans, and Johns out-there. They might be your friends, your colleagues, your siblings, your parents, your children.. Hopefully by sharing this, this might make them feel less alone and look to get some guidance.

Dr. C x



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