I noticed an article on twitter saying that mindfulness was not the answer to burnout. That burnout is a symptom. And that while mindfulness helps, its the structures and environment that often that often need to change.

And so, whilst mindfulness helps those that are burnt out, they can become burnt out again once they return to the same environment.


I sat down with the author of the article, Dr. Paddy Barrett to discuss this. The link to this podcast is here. 


What is burnout ?


It is a type of work related stress involving a sense of loss of accomplishment and loss of personal identity and it can result in a feeling of exhaustion, physically or emotionally.

How to address ?

  • Reassess and Evaluate –

Reevaluate your expectations of what work means to you ? Or what you mean to work ?

Extra resources? Are you micromanaging?

Could you consider a career break ? Retraining ? Alternative job within the company?

How can you lower your stress levels ?


Attached here is a great article on burnout. Its part of a series and the links to the others are within the article.

The podcast with Dr. Paddy Barrett, Cardiologist, on Burnout is here.



Hope you enjoy or get some benefit from it !


Dr. Cx

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