Christmas Party Hangover Prevention

Advance planning is required to ease/prevent a hangover. 

Items required- H20, milk thistle, ability to nap the next day, Crisps, dioralyte, paracetamol.

  • If you wake up with a dry mouth you need to have water next to the bed ready to go.
  • Drink LOADS of water before you go to bed.
  • Could drink dioraltye(rehydration solution) the night before or next morning.
  • Milk Thistle– before you go out and before you go to bed ! Works for some people and for those it works for improves the fear and overall ‘unwellness’ of the next day.
  • In the morning, have a shower, and go back to bed for a nap.
  • Exercise with a hangover- always dangerous in my opinion as you’re likely to fall over- but a walk to the shop is a good idea – sense of accomplishment and further supplies.
  • Basic paracetamol 1gm will ease that lovely headache.

The Fear- special mention.

The fear can be all consuming – I suggest comedy clips on youtube or back to back episodes of Its Always In Philadelphia ( especially if you feel like a bit of a degenerate- these guys have always done something worse than you !)

  • Try not to make any major life decisions like quitting your job or breaking up with your partner when you have the fear- wait until the next day.





Ricky Gervais is always a good idea to laugh off the fear.



Enjoy the festivities 😉


Dr. C x.


  1. Rosaleen O'Malley

    Hilarious – I’m over to the centre now for supplies. Will let you know how I feel on Saturday morning post party …

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