Day 3 Intermittent Fasting

Day 3 Intermittent Fasting.

How our hunter-gatherer genes need to be exercised.

So I skipped a fasting day yesterday as had a late night on Friday night at a work summer BBQ !!

Back fasting today.

Study 3

” Eating,exercise and ‘thrifty’ genotypes… evolutionary understanding of chronic diseases…”

An interesting read about genes.


Basically most of human evolution took place when our ancestors were hunter-gatherers (around 50,000-10,000BC).

At that time, we alternated between periods of feast and famine. Feasting after securing food by going out and running around like a maniac killing animals for food. And famine when there was drought, unsuccessful hunt or illness etc that prevented us acquiring food. Regardless physical activity was involved every day when men were thought to hunt on between 1- 4 non consecutive days and women between 2-3 days.

Those that had ‘thrifty’ genes were more likely to survive as they would be more likely to survive the periods of famine.

These genes were used to physical activity and therfore likely influenced by activity to function normally.

It is thought that in modern life, the lack of periods of famine ( i.e 24 hour access to food) and increased inactivity has resulted in dysregulation or abnormality of expression of these ‘thrift’ genes and may be at the root of the high levels of chronic diseases such as Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome in modern society.



ANY physical activity is good and reduces your risk of chronic diseases.

Get Moving ;-))


Summer BBQ !


Dr Cx


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