New Years Challenges


I’ve decided this year to forget about New Years resolutions.


Instead I’m going to set myself some challenges and goals. I’m going to divide then into personal, body, mental, career/business, short, medium and longterm. The following are some examples of the things I have been thinking about.


  • I’m going to listen to more classical music. As my old friend, Ancient Greek Philosopher, Plato once said,  ‘Music gives wings to the mind’.



Music is good for your brain, mind and well-being, and you can read more about that here. 


  • I want to read more history with a goal of three historical books by the end of the year, whilst also spending less time on the internet. I find myself increasingly relying on google for quick facts. I want to preserve my brain function and not be relying on external sources.



    • I aim to launch my cholesterol product in the early stages of 2019.
    • I’m going to fit into ‘those old jeans’ by May !

Side note: Tip to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, start setting realistic goals. Visualise the end of next year. Picture a certain outcome that would be realistic and achievable. Visualisation a good way of encouraging yourself to achieve your goals in a positive way. Try intermittent fasting. The evidence suggests it is the same outcome for regular constant diets but, key to it, is that intermittent fasting suits certain people more than constant daily fasting. This potentially comes down to our hunter-gatherer genes, where we regularly had periods of fasting followed by periods of feasting.

Back to Goals etc

  • I will stop reading about a certain someone in the photo below. I feel it is lowering my IQ and it does not improve my daily life in any way.

I’m going to be absolutely fierce with myself to achieve my goals, but absolutely kind to myself if I fail.

Happy New Year to all of my regular readers and those just passing through.

Be fierce, but be kind.

I hope 2019 is kind to us all.

Be Fierce

        Credit @shaazjung 


But Be Kind.



Dr. Cx.

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